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10th Singapore Outlet has OPENED!

Friday, 26 April 2019
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This year 2009, SEGA decided to bring this tournament into a BIGGER scene by holding preliminary rounds (Co-Organised by various arcade operators) in SINGAPORE. The winners of the preliminary rounds will advanced to the SINGAPORE Final to battle for the honour of SINGAPORE BEST! Eventually, the TWO FINALISTS of the SINGAPORE Final will fly to JAPAN, TOKYO for the JAPAN GRAND FINAL!!! Airfares and accommodations will be sponsored by SEGA. For the benefit of the audience who were there to show support, Four 32' inch LCD TVs and high quality audio devices were set to broadcast the games played live!

The Preliminary Results @ Ang Mo Kio Virtualand are as follow:

  • LI YUNLONG - 1ST (Advanced to Singapore Finals)
  • ONG YONG SHENG - 2ND (Advanced to Singapore Finals)



The Preliminary Results @ Bugis Junction Virtualand are as follow:

  • JIANG HONGHUI- 1ST (Advanced to Singapore Finals)
  • KOH TIAN YEW - 2ND (Advanced to Singapore Finals)



 *Only One 3rd winner of Ang Mo Kio or Bugis Junction Virtualand is CONFIRMED ENTRY to SINGAPORE FINAL. It will be judged by SEGA to base on network ranking before tournament. Hence, the other 3rd winner will be RESERVE

The SINGAPORE Final Results @ Funan IT Mall are as follow:

  • SOH BOON KIAT - 1ST (Advanced to JAPAN Grand Finals)
  • DAVID LIM GUAN LING (G) - 2ND (Advanced to JAPAN Grand Finals)




Lastly, the Organising Committee would like to say a BIG thank you to all the participants and spectators for the support of the event! Smile

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